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Murilo Augusto Costa


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Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


RoboSync is an engaging puzzle game that challenges your logical reasoning and precision skills.

Each level features robots moving in unsynchronized patterns. Your mission is to release and block passages at the right moment, coordinating the movements of your robots to unlock all locks simultaneously.

It is crucial to carefully consider each move, executing commands with precision to achieve perfect synchronization. With progressively challenging levels, the game introduces new mechanics to keep the experience engaging.

Solve the challenges swiftly to earn the coveted 3 stars and attain impeccable synchronization for a special achievement on each level. Get ready for an exhilarating journey where your mental agility will be constantly challenged.


This game was initially created to participate in a game jam with the theme 'Unity.' I had the idea of ​​making a puzzle game where the player had to synchronize the movements of the little robots so that they would be 'united' and thus be able to advance to the next level.

The game didn't perform very well in the voting, but I loved working on the project and decided to continue evolving it, collecting feedback to make improvements.

With these applied improvements, I started receiving various compliments from people testing the game, and that's why I decided to proceed and make it my first released game.


  • 40 levels.

  • Perfect synchronization: When you can perfectly synchronize one robot with another.

  • Each level has a reward of up to 3 stars, where it is necessary to complete the level within the appropriate time to earn each one.

  • Additionally, each level offers a reward for achieving perfect synchronization with all the robots in the level.

  • Robots will also be able to open/close passages, requiring collaboration with them.

  • Use elevators to position the robots on the correct floors.

  • Passages and elevators have two ways to be activated: staying on the button to keep them on or clicking a button to toggle between on/off.

  • There is also an action to speed up time. This allows the robots to move more quickly while holding a button, which is a useful action for moments when it is necessary to wait for the robots to reach the desired position.


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Influencers who have played.

Some influencers have already played RoboSync during the testing phase and also the demo during the Steam Next Fest