Dive into a world of monstrous cuisine!

Take on the role of an adorable monster chef on a unique culinary journey. With a food truck as your mobile base, you'll travel through various locations, from deserts to bustling cities, catering to a monstrous crowd.

Local Co-op!

Work together to quickly serve your demanding customers!

You'll have to hunt animals to use in recipes!

Prepare meals that challenge conventional taste buds, using exotic creatures found in each location. Hunting rats in the streets, pigeons in the square, or cockroaches in the sewer are just a few of the activities that await you.

Various types of preparation and combinations!

With skill and precision, slice, fry, bake, and cook these bizarre ingredients in your mobile kitchen, equipped with a variety of utensils and equipment.

Upgrade your Food Truck!

As you progress through levels, your food truck will expand, offering new equipment to tackle increasingly difficult challenges. With 20 levels spread across 4 distinct groups of locations, each presenting its own immersive atmosphere and customized vehicle.

You could be the next meal!

Get ready for an exciting culinary experience, where the clock is your biggest enemy! With impatient customers waiting, you need to act fast before becoming the next item on the menu